DayOne: Re-imagining our Relationships with Water

The idea for this podcast was born by a slip of the tongue – Day One instead of Day Zero, with Day Zero being the popularized term for the projected date when the City of Cape Town will shut off tapped water to suburbs and force residents to instead collect daily rations of water from collection points around the city. We have chosen DayOne as the name of this podcast to represent a voice of hope, possibility and collective innovation. DayOne acknowledges the city’s water challenge as one that is long-term and that requires sustainable solutions. We want to cultivate a different way of thinking about and working with water in our city. We understand the severity of the current climate change-related drought and water crisis as well as the deep inequalities that govern water flows across the city of Cape Town. We’ve been hearing of a city-wide shared confusion amidst the quickly changing conditions of the situation. Through this podcast we aim to provide a platform for sharing urgent, critical and responsive information from a wide range of perspectives, to respond to water-related questions from people from all walks of life in Cape Town, and to build a network of local leaders and innovators. 

We aim to present as up-to-date-as-possible facts, to invite conversations around complex topics, to inspire connections with water sources in the city through soundscapes, and to nourish imaginations with water-inspired creative contributions from artists across a variety of disciplines.

Stay tuned and please join us! Water is life…